Tuesday, January 17, 2012

home is what you make of it...

and internet helps too.

A view from my window.

I haven't had much time for pictures...sad, and not really an excuse, I know. It has just been busy busy busy. I sometimes feel a little stranded here on Little America. We have our own market, library, movie theater, and convenient store. I even hear we have a craft store.

This is a little of what it looks like...not really in Germany, but lets just call it the place where I live.

My wonderful room. Yes, the layout is a bit odd, but there is not much I can do to change it. I do have my own room, and the other girls move in soon. (5 of them) There are four other student teachers across the hall.

Unpacked...oh, what one suitcase will hold!

I can say that even if I am stranded in this weird little place (Little America), the sunsets are still beautiful. I can't imagine how outstanding they would be from the city. I will have to take pictures when I am there during sunset...this has yet to happen, but it will.

My cooperating teacher took me on a little bargain shopping trip. We traveled in a loop from the base and stopped at New Edingen. Here is the second hand store we stopped at. I did find a vintage lace shrug...so no complaints from me.

My first day, today! The students are wonderful kids and I can't wait to start on some really awesome projects with them. As for my own artwork...I am itching to find an art shop. I have yet to explore the streets of Heidelberg, as we are a little farther from a bus stop than I had hoped.

Oh, and dinner with the best people in Germany (most likely the best night so far)! I love them!

I send my love to those I miss most!

More when I escape!

katie jo

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