Thursday, March 25, 2010

wednesday night figure session

In effort to better my skills at drawing the figure, I finally forced myself to one of the figure sessions up on campus. I actually enjoyed myself quite a lot despite past figure classes I have had, but it only further proved that I need to go more often to better my hand. Perhaps one of these nights I will pack my paints up there as well.

I'm just not a figure drawing kind of gal, but perhaps I can be, so keep your eye out for my progress as I attend more sessions!

katie jo

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

who wants to work a 12-9?

No one...that's who.

So in the midst of moving and finding a place to live, my painting has come to a halt, but only temporarily. These two are from the fall last year that I never really got around to photographing, and since I didn't really have time to do anything project related due to my awesome work schedule, I decided to share these with you. They were during my painted box phase, which I predict will again surface in the somewhat nearer future.

They are both painted with acrylics on some left over panel that I had lying around. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed working with acrylics. The reason being size, I am sure. These little paintings are quite small.

As always, more to follow,

(in fact, some little monkeys may appear soon just depending on how busy the week gets)

katie jo

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

no more apologies needed..

just excuses for why it is still not in the mail.

Dear Ryk and Jessi,

Completed...not mailed.

My favorite part is the building on the left and the little lamp post as well. Yes, I have favorites.

katie jo

Sunday, March 14, 2010

just a little something

oh the little things to remember.

So some may call it irreverent, but I know my grandma was smiling as we gathered handfuls of flowers off her grave to make a silly bouquet, just like the kind that we used to make for her from all the pretty flowers around her yard.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

monkey mischief

Twin monkeys for twin boys. You had better watch out though...these monkeys aren't as innocent and sweet as they look.

I do have to say new scissors really made an improvement for this project of mine (thanks to my sweet mom). Oh Gingher how I love thee, "Scissors of the Gods," and only now do I know why my mother hid you from me when I was a child.

katie jo