Sunday, January 22, 2012

i'm really here

or so it would seem. We travel from base to base so much (by carpool) that I haven't gotten a chance to explore and even appreciate the city. I will tell more soon, but alas, I have to wake up at 5:40...and I am not a morning person.

Also, more pictures tomorrow, because these are only half of the adventure...some of which involved me looking stupidly at a map while walking for blocks on end...I have never walked so much in one day than I did on Saturday...not even that time when our family went to Washington DC. Mom--you remember that?

That's it for now,

katie jo

Saturday, January 21, 2012

the classroom

or at least the one involving clay. I was thinking for a lesson I would have my students make stamps, and then our next project would incorporate design, pattern, and texture. Can't wait!

This ceramics room is small, but we will make do! As I was making these clay stamps, students were inquiring as to what they were...I take that as interested. Yep, I was totally impressing them. A side note--they were equally impressed when I was making a pinch pot/bowl. Ah, it's the simple things...

Today I finally made my way into the city. It is not the easiest feat, but I loved every minute, despite the rainy cold weather.

Pictures tomorrow, time to sleep for now.

Guten Nacht,

katie jo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

one of my favorite finds

bird scarf.

My favorite thing about scarves is that even hours after (also days) I use a spray of perfume, I can still smell it on my scarf. For some reason though, the scent goes sweeter. mmmm...

This really is the land of scarves.

katie jo

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

home is what you make of it...

and internet helps too.

A view from my window.

I haven't had much time for pictures...sad, and not really an excuse, I know. It has just been busy busy busy. I sometimes feel a little stranded here on Little America. We have our own market, library, movie theater, and convenient store. I even hear we have a craft store.

This is a little of what it looks like...not really in Germany, but lets just call it the place where I live.

My wonderful room. Yes, the layout is a bit odd, but there is not much I can do to change it. I do have my own room, and the other girls move in soon. (5 of them) There are four other student teachers across the hall.

Unpacked...oh, what one suitcase will hold!

I can say that even if I am stranded in this weird little place (Little America), the sunsets are still beautiful. I can't imagine how outstanding they would be from the city. I will have to take pictures when I am there during sunset...this has yet to happen, but it will.

My cooperating teacher took me on a little bargain shopping trip. We traveled in a loop from the base and stopped at New Edingen. Here is the second hand store we stopped at. I did find a vintage lace no complaints from me.

My first day, today! The students are wonderful kids and I can't wait to start on some really awesome projects with them. As for my own artwork...I am itching to find an art shop. I have yet to explore the streets of Heidelberg, as we are a little farther from a bus stop than I had hoped.

Oh, and dinner with the best people in Germany (most likely the best night so far)! I love them!

I send my love to those I miss most!

More when I escape!

katie jo