Thursday, March 15, 2012

the most recent

and it is just a card, but I love it. I made this into a thank you for my teacher, and she loved it. She does a lot for me and I owe her way more than a thank you, but I will try and think of something grand. So still here in Germany. Life is great, teaching is fun, but I can't wait for my own classroom. I hear this is a normal thing for student teachers to feel. Tomorrow I am all on my own. My teacher is away. Wish me luck!

And since I have a little time, I thought I would add one of my new found favorite stores. It is a little fun boutique called, Bolero. They have funky purses, lots of really expensive ornaments, and just silly katie things that lift my soul.

This time, I will try to post more frequently...really.

katie jo