Tuesday, August 31, 2010

one more for the night

No, I haven't been cranking these projects out lickety-split...they have just been piling up waiting for their photo op.

Although, on this little horsey box, I did add the pen just the other night. Ooh, how I do love pen, but can't decide if this box is in need of something more. Ahh-well, I am sure I will figure it out!

More to come,

katie jo, the silly girl who paints horses...love them.

just thought I would share

my creative mess.

Yes, for some reason, I prefer to do most my projects while sitting on the floor.

And these are the boxes I should be painting...right about now.

katie jo

Monday, August 30, 2010

some proof I have been busy...

Well I decided I had to fit in at least one or two posts before the month is up...my excuse? Simply, that I need to photograph my work. So be prepared...this birthday week (because that is just what it is) will be filled with posts...if I can ever leave work at a decent hour. Oops, there is was again, another excuse...work.

My very talented friend had me take these of her adorable family. I am so glad you are pleased with them Alyssa. I had quite a fun time shooting them, so thank you.

katie jo