Sunday, September 18, 2011

a school assignment it is

So for all of you occasional readers, feel free to disregard. creativity is being murdered at the moment.

I found one awesome website about how blogs can be used (10 ways actually) in the classroom. The website is But since we had to go find three blogs about what this website just told me, here goes.

A great resource for art teachers. This blog has current information on where to find even more resources online as well as lesson ideas, and we like that.

A way for students to enter contests, post their own work, and vote on work of their peers throughout the country. I think if incorporated into the classroom, students will be excited about art and gain more ideas from what they are seeing.
This last one took some time, but I like the way the teacher has set it up. This blog is a good way for parents to see what their kids are doing in the classroom. The students also see their work and are able to gain a sense of pride not only for themselves, but for their classroom as a whole.

And now for the blogs/sites I now subscribe to...hoo-raw.

Time to treat myself to yet another diet coke...and red velvet cupcake. Stop judging me, if you tasted red velvet cupcakes as delicious as these you would understand.

Actual work soon...I promise.
katie jo

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  1. Hey Katie... Just got a ping back about your post and I just wanted to say thanks for your kind words. I love your blog in return. Your paintings rock. Consider yourself bookmarked. I'll also link to you from the blog... Keep posting.