Tuesday, March 2, 2010

monkey mischief

Twin monkeys for twin boys. You had better watch out though...these monkeys aren't as innocent and sweet as they look.

I do have to say new scissors really made an improvement for this project of mine (thanks to my sweet mom). Oh Gingher how I love thee, "Scissors of the Gods," and only now do I know why my mother hid you from me when I was a child.

katie jo


  1. Katie, this is Brynn Eyre. I found this blog through facebook and love your stuff! How much do you charge for the monkeys and the pillows? I'm in love with them. Great work!

  2. Oh. My. I want a monkey. No wait, I want them both. I'm with Brynn. How much do you charge?

  3. I want a Monkey and a pillow and another horse picture....stay in touch - love your blog! I received new sissors from Chris and Deb. Heavenly! Now I know why G-ma Heiner hid her "good" sissors! xoxoxo