Sunday, January 23, 2011

for ashlee and reese

This was a fun painting for me. It was painted for some friends of mine. Ashlee was trying to surprise Reese for Christmas...and almost had him fooled.

All she really wanted were bright colors and a barn in a field...and that was about it. I drove all around Logan looking for the perfect barn, found a few, and then found a background that I wanted to set the barn in. So I combined a couple of references and the rest was from my head.

The medium is oil...still my favorite (although I am sure it feels abandoned lately). I painted on a wooden panel board (a little bigger than 2 by 3 feet) with poplar sides that my dear friend and patient dad helped me build. One day I will have my own little wood shop!

The colors in this painting make me so happy! Oh, how it would be fun to paint outside again, but only when it is warm and dry. That is my goal this summer...lets see if it sticks!

More on the way,

katie jo

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