Friday, December 25, 2009


For Timmy Jon,

I'm so glad you like him.
And little monkey, I hope you love your new home and new best friend, Stoffen.

This little monkey was one of my favorite projects and was fairly easy to work up. I found the pattern from the book, Softies Only a Mother Could Love, edited by Jes Redman and Meg Leder (click on the link to see the book) but then I added a tail (monkeys have to have tails) and knitted the scarf. How else is Monkey going to stay warm in Logan?

I love you little monkey and I will miss you keeping me company.

katie jo


  1. Good job Katie. I bet that tail was a pain in the butt to sew. I love him. He looks like he should be friends with Tiny Tim.

  2. I'm pretty sure you could make a killing on making monkeys and selling them in baby stores. seriously that is the cutest thing ever. So I was thinking about making a cute cake for Bry's birthday. baby themed. Say like "the moon" or a giraffe. Wanna help? haha. We could take pics and stuff :)

  3. Katie O's, I will be stalking your blog more closely even than Cathy of California (shh, don't tell). Love everything you've done. I'm completely inspired! Don't stop.

    Hearts, butterflies, rainbows, and my favorite...birds,



    you have four years to work on a whole tree full of monkeys for my shortys. they will LOVE them.

  4. Katie - I'm seriously impressed with your mad skilz. Could we commission you to make two of these for us? As in, a paid job.

    Cuz Josh